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Go to the following website and answer the questions below about wind erosion.

"USGS Wind Erosion "

1) Eolian processes pertain to what?

2) What are yardangs?

3) Particles are transported by winds through what processes?

4) What is saltation? (describe it)

5) In what regions are winds most effective?

6) What is deflation?

7) What is desert pavement?

8) What deposits provide the shine for desert varnish?

9) Describe ventifacts.

10) Eolian turbidity currents are better known as what?

11) Describe loess.

12) Sand sheets are formed from sand grains too large for what?

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13) Name, define, and describe the 5 basic dune types.

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14) What makes spectral remote sensing especially effective in arid lands?

15) Desert studies still are hampered in many regions by lack of what?

16) What problems have made data from desert areas difficult to interpret and compare?

Read the material on the site below - it will be on your test Friday.

"Controlling Wind Erosion "

17) What are shelterbelts, and what are their purpose?

18)How do shelterbelts function?

19) What factors influence wind erosion?

20) How are continuously cropped fields protected from wind erosion?

Read about how barrier islands function.

"Barrier Islands "

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