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Go to the following web site about topographic map symbols and answer the questions below.

Topographic Map Symbols

Draw the following and label them as to the color in which they appear on a topographic map.
1) Glacier
2) Orchard
3) Wooded marsh or swamp
4) A mine shaft
5) A State Forest Boundary
6) An unpaved landing strip
7) A disappearing stream
8) A spring or seep
9) A Quarry
10) A Range or Township Line

Use the following web site to answer the questions below:

USGS Topographic Maps

11) Why might maps within the same series have slightly different symbols for the same feature?

Read the material on the link below..

Contour Lines Topographic Maps

Read the material on this link to answer the question below:

Determining Contour Interval

12) There are 2 ways to determine the contour interval of an area. List them.

13) Read the material on this link and practice reading elevations on topographic maps:

Reading Elevations on Topographic Maps

14) Read the material on this link to answer the question below:

Gradients on Topographic Maps

15) Looking at Spruce Knob on the map...which side is steepest? (East side or West side?)

16) Read the material on this link to answer the question below:


17) "PLSS" stands for what?
18) What is the main drawback of the PLSS?

Read the tutorial using the link below. You may want to take notes on this....

Township and Range

Now that you've read the above page, go to the following web site and do the activity. You will be using an interactive map. Pay attention to which location and question number you are attempting to locate; do all 5 exercises and answer the questions. You will be clicking on the area of the map shown, which will then zoom in on the next smaller map division.

Interactive Township and Range activity

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