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Study Guide, Chapter 9 Environmental Science


Terms to know: Arable; Life expectancy; Replacement Level; Industrial  revolution; demographic transition (plus know all the stages and characteristics); Fertility rates; Population pyramid; Demography; Exponential growth; Survivorship; Post-industrial demographic transition; Demographer.



  1. Know in general the areas of the world experiencing high population growth or low to no population growth.
  2. What is the predicted world population in 2050?
  3. How does sewage disposal affect water supplies?
  4. What types of countries are designated by the U.N. to get priority for aid?
  5. What factors contribute the most to exponential growth of the human population?
  6. What could alleviate an increase in waterborne diseases?
  7. What region of the world is experiencing the biggest increase in population?
  8. What strategies could slow population growth?
  9. Why did world population double between 1880 and 1930?
  10. What caused the 1991 cholera outbreak in Peru?
  11. How long did it take for Earth’s human population to double from 2 Billion to 4 Billion?
  12. Describe the demographic transition model.
  13. What diseases are most often spread through unsafe public water?
  14. In what conditions would wood be considered a limited resource in developing countries?
  15. What happens to the death rate in stage 2 of the demographic transition?
  16. The 3rd stage of demographic transition is characterized by what?
  17. What factors make it difficult to reduce population growth?
  18. Describe the age structure of a country with high growth rates.
  19. When has population growth been greatest? (during what period)
  20. When will world population stop growing?
  21. Less developed countries suffer more from rapid population growth. Why? What do developed countries have that less developed countries do not?
  22. How is a population pyramid created?
  23. What factors are used to predict population sizes?
  24. What happens when birth rates and death rates are both high?