Starting out
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Resources to use for class

Click on the following web site; you will need to register before you do anything else. Follow these instructions precisely.

1. Go to

2. Click on "register"
3. Using the drop down menu, click on "guest" and click enter.
4. On "My Scilinks" look for "Find internet Resources".
5. Enter the following code and click on "submit". HQ60222
6. Using the links under the heading "Sites For Students", find information about careers in any of the Earth Sciences and write a minimum of 1 paragraph about the career, including necessary education, what a person in that career would do, etc.
7. Explain the reasoning behind why you chose the particular career listed for #6. (Why did you choose that career?)
Make sure your assignment conforms to the BNLHS guidelines for written communication.

After you finish:
turn in your paper, and explore the sites listed on the scilinks web site.

Make sure you logout of your account at the end of the class.

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