Oh No!! You're about to be mooned!!!
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Let's get this right, shall we???? Part 2 is below....

Click on the following links, read the information, and otherwise follow directions. On the following link, find where you can get a calendar of the moon's phases. Print out one for the month of March.


What's a blue moon? Answer the questions given on the web site below.

Also, when will the NEXT blue moon occur?


At what time will the moon rise on Friday March 15?


Read the following web site. There will be a question about this on your quiz on Friday.


Go to the following web site and answer the questions below.


1. How does New Moon occur? (Explain using the positions of earth and moon)

2. Why is it incorrect to call the far side of the moon the "dark side"?

3. At what point in ithe moon's revolution around Earth could a solar eclipse occur?

4. Explain the terms "waxing" and "waning".

5. What is the "limb"?

6. What is the "terminator"?

7. Draw a "waxing crescent" moon.

8. What is the "Synodic month"?

9. What is the "Sidereal month"?

10. What is "regolith"?

11. What are the maria, and how did they form?

12. What are Terrae?

13. Explain how the moon covers the entire sun during an eclipse.

14. When is the next partial eclipse?

15. Compare the umbra with the pernumbra.

16. What is the mean distance to the moon?

17. What is the deepest crater on the moon?

18. What is the rate at which the moon is receding (going away) from earth?

19. What is the equatorial temperature range of the moon?

20. Who was the last astronaut to walk on the moon? In what year?

Make sure you read the part about "conspiracy theory".

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