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1. Using the web sites above, research the following topics and on one paper, and write about each. Describe the physical characteristics and location of each, and include TRAVEL TIME to each location (this may take some time - use either 30,000MPH or 48,000KmH as the speed, and assume we are on the same side of the sun as your intended destination).

2. Using a different paper separate from your first one, make a tourist pamphlet (it must be a tri-fold! The current printer allows printing on both sides of the paper - please do that to save paper! If you don't know what a trifold is, ask Mrs. Mullis - she can show you and tell you how to set it up, but you need to have your information first) promoting travel to that particular location. List features that would appeal to tourists - basically, convince me that I would want to travel there, and be creative! (If it's icy, you could use a winter sports theme, etc.) Pictures might help, if you can find them! You will have 7 days to complete this assignment, which WILL mean you can also work on it at home or in the IMC. Use Word to design and print out your paper. We will be in the lab on Monday and Wednesday of next week, and this is due next Wednesday, March 18th. In any case, use the web sites listed above - or you may do a search for your topic - for your research. This may especially be the case for Eris, Makemake, and Haumea.

3. Provide a list separate from the travel brochure listing the sites where you found your data. (Cite the pages where you got your information! Use Wikipedia ONLY for resources. Do NOT cite it as a source, it is not reliable. Grades will be determined as follows: 50% accuracy in data known about the object; 30% Logic used on the pamphlet to convince me to visit! Use the known data and characteristics to come up with some type of tourist excursion or activity; 20% Presentation/appearance. Color may enhance your pamphlet (color printer at home, or you may color it if you like!), but lack of it will NOT hurt your points earned total.

Your chosen places are listed by the computer number below. If you have computer #1, then your location would be Mercury. IF you are in a different computer lab, use the same object you researched in the first lab. If you don't recognize the objects name, it's probably a moon of a planet or something similar, in which case you will have to find out its location! IF you have an alternate site which is NOT already listed, ask - I'll probably give you an OK to use it as your target area.

Computer# / Planet or moon or other object...
1. Mercury

2. Io

3. Titan

4. Charon

5. Uranus

6. Phobos

7. Callisto

8. Triton

9. Jupiter

10. Saturn

11. Neptune

12. Pluto

13. Venus

14. Mars

15. Luna

16. Europa

17. Ganymede

18. Miranda

19. The Asteroid Belt

20. Ceres

21. Haumea

22. Eris (NOT Eros!)

23. Mercury

24. Pluto

25. Europa

26. Triton

27. Saturn

28. Io

29. Ganymede

30. Callisto

31. Mars

32. Makemake

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