Here Comes The Sun....
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The Sun Also Rises. Ernest Hemingway

Go to the following web sites (double - click on the links) to find the answers to the questions below. Toggle between the web site and the questions, it's easier to complete the assignment if you do.

There will be a quiz tomorrow over the material found in this assignment.


Live From The Sun

Coronal Mass Ejections


National Solar Observatory

Helioseismology - MSFC

Helioseismology - Stanford

GSFC Sun-Earth Connection Resources

Sunspot Formation

Sunspot Cycle

Sunspots and Magnetic Fields

Size Comparisons



LaGrangian Points

Sun's Magnetic Field

Solar Physics

The Sun Does A Flip


Absorption lines

emission lines

One more item - make sure you read the material AFTER #35....

1. The structures in the corona are controlled by what?
2. What is a CME?
3. How do CME's affect earth?
4. What is the solar wind?
5. The solar wind interacts with what to produce the aurora?
6. What does SOHO stand for?
7. Of what is the suns core composed?
8. How does energy move outward just outside the core?
9. Near the suns surface how does energy move outward?
10. How are "sun-quakes" created?
11. What is helioseismology?
12. What does helioseismology help us determine about the sun?

13. Find a drawing that shows the major features of the sun (that way ONLY the diagram is shown) and print it. Make sure you staple the printout to your answers before you turn them in.

14. How much bigger is the sun than earth?
15. What is the layer of the suns atmosphere that we usually see in visible wavelengths of light?
16. What is the temperature of the layer described in #15?
17. What is the outermost layer outside the suns atmosphere?
18. What is the temperature of the area described in #17?
19. From earth, when is the corona best seen?
20. How does a coronagraph operate?
21. Why does the corona emit light in ultraviolet wavelengths?
22. How is it that SOHO can see ultraviolet wavelengths from its location, but on earth we cannot?
23. What forms the solar wind?
24. How far does the solar wind flow?
25. How is the suns magnetic field generated?
26. Solar activity increases and decreases in an (how many)_____ year cycle.
27. What creates the loops and other structures on the sun?
28. In a coronagraph. what does the bright circle in the center represent?
29. What information does a dopplergram give us?
30. When does resonance (think dopplergram again) take place?
31. How are the suns absorption lines produced?
32. How are emission lines produced?
33. How can resonance be used to study the suns interior?
34. How are resonance frequencies determined?
35. Where is the first Lagrangian point?

Here we go again...
More to finish up with. Some material from this web site will be included on your next test, so make sure you read through it.

Click on the link below, and go to the Marshall Space Flight Center Solar Physics page.

Go through the links on this page, reading through the material found by clicking on Space Weather 101. Some of this will be on your next test

When you finish with those, there are links on Again, go to those pages by clicking on the links and see what information can be found there.

Turn in all materials from your assignments next week the day of the test. You also have the web site to access from home of during study halls, etc. should you have the opportunity.


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