Chapter 27 Computer Lab Exercise part 2
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Welcome, my friends, to the show that never ends....

A. Go to the following web site and answer the questions below.

Principles of Astronomy

B. Click on "Getting Your Bearings", and answer the
following questions.

1. How can you determine which stars are circumpolar for
your latitude?

Now click on "The Earth's Motion" at the page bottom.

2. A. Define "Zenith". B. Define Nadir
3. Where would you be located if the stars revolved around your Zenith?
4. Why is your meridian important in observational
5. A. Define altitude. B. Define Azimuth
6. Why does a stars altitude and azimuth change?
7. What is apparent motion?
8. When would the altitude and azimuth of 2 different observers in different cities be the same?
9. What is UT?
10. What is meant by "Zulu time"?
11. What direction does the sun rotate if you were watching Earth from Polaris?
12. In what direction does Earth orbit the sun?
13. Why can't we see all the stars in every direction all year long?
14. Who wrote the first book on astronomy?
15. What is meant by geocentric?
16. Sketch the Ptolemaic universe.
17. Why does everything appear to rise in the east and set in the west?

Click on "Optics".
18. Who made the first telescope?
19. List at least 3 of Galileo's discoveries.
20. What is refraction?
21. Describe a refractor telescope.
22. What does the letter "c" stand for when talking about astronomy?
23. What make the image seen through a telescope larger?
24. Explain the difference between single convex and double convex.

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