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Weather or not you want to find out about the weather....Here it is!!!

Click on the following links, read the information, and otherwise follow directions and answer questions.

***A cautionary note: Several links will not work; if you cannot find an answer using the links provided, then search online for the answers.***

Your answers to the questions are due at the end of the period today!

Use the websites below to answer the questions.

WW 2010


WW 2010 (part 2)


1. Why is moisture an essential part of our atmosphere?

2. In what forms does moisture appear in the atmosphere?

3. Sketch the hydrologic cycle as it appears on the first web site.

4. What are the principal sources of water evaporation?

5. When does precipitation occur in clouds?

6. What is the transition of atmospheric moisture from a gaseous state into a liquid state called?

7. Describe the process by which clouds form. (Kind of long...)

8. Compare the size of a raindrop to the size of cloud droplets.

9. The type of precipitation that falls depends upon what?

10. How do contrails form?

11. The term "contrail" comes from what?

12. What is meant by the term "Dew point"? (OK, Skip the references to Mt. Dew...)

13. What does the term "Relative humidity" mean?

14. What is fog?

15. What are the 2 processes involved in the formation of fog? LIST EXAMPLES OF BOTH!

16. Radiation fog is also called what?

17. Why is advection fog more dangerous than radiation fog?

18. Why does relative humidity generally decrease during the day?

19. What is the apparent temperature when the air temperature is 95 degrees and the relative humidity is 80 percent?

20. What happens to evaporation when humidity is higher?


Go to all parts of the LFTS web site! (If you do not click on a link, it will go to another page. Use your cursor and click on one of the 5 parts to learn more!

Live From The Storm

This link is especially good!!!!
Click on this link, then click on the 3rd picture.

Live From The Storm animations

Classroom Activities


Project WES

Cloud Charts

S'COOL Cloud Charts


Weatherworks Links Page

Goddard Space Flight Center

Storm Chasers





LIGHTNING, tornadoes, and more!!!

Tornado Project Online


Tornado Chase Day

National Severe Storms Laboratory Weather Room

21. Go to the following web site and read about air masses and fronts. There are very nice illustrations and graphics which explain what happens with fronts and why. MAKE SURE you take each of the sections linked from the air masses and fronts page: (Air Masses, Fronts, and Advection). Also make note of the tool bar on the left side of the page, which has lots of links. It's very useful.

Air masses and fronts

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