Stormy times ahead....
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Weather or not you want to find out about the weather....Here it is!!!

Click on the following links, read the information, and otherwise follow directions.

Click on and check the local weather by entering your zip code. What is the forecast for tomorrow? Include all aspects of the forecast.

Click on Classroom activities.

For all activities DO NOT print out activities UNLESS you are instructed to do so on the page. DO NOT use the Weather visualizer to do any activity. Where you are instructed to use it, skip the question.

Now, Scroll down and click on "Pressure". Complete all activities # 1-5. Do not complete #6.

When you are finished with these, scroll to the page bottom and click the right arrow to go to "Air Masses". Again, complete all activities except for #5.

Click on the right arrow to go to "Precipitation". Do all activities.

Continue with going to the page bottom and clicking on the right arrow for each activity until you have completed each activity. If you finish, go to the following web sites and become familiar with the resources found at each web site.

Classroom Activities

Project WES

Cloud Charts


Weatherworks Links Page

Goddard Space Flight Center

Storm Chasers





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